REVIEW: Lost in Barbarian Space by Anna Hackett


3 Stars Rating

My Review

Lost in Barbarian Space by Anna Hackett
The Phoenix Adventures #7
Science Fiction Romance

Overall, not my favorite in the Phoenix Adventures series but it was still great action romance. The end was particularly poignant and I liked seeing more of Nik and Darc. This wasn’t my favorite setting because, like I mentioned in the prior book’s review, it embraces the possessive, he-man attitude of more historical times.

I felt Colm was much more dominant than Kavon in how he treated Honor. He still respected her strength and was definitely attracted to her appearance, but he was very much an alpha-male. Anna Hackett always does a good job of creating strong, female characters and Honor was no exception. I particularly enjoyed the scene where Honor and Colm sword fight shortly after meeting. Although Markaria has female leaders they are rarely warriors so Colm was in for some surprises with Honor. She continued to stay strong and tough throughout the book and never lost her edge just because she had a big, strong man around. Honor is who she is and she maintains that from start to finish.

3 out of 5 stars

Tags: Police | Space Travel

Book Details

Agent Honor Brandall enjoys her job as security agent for the Institute of Historical Preservation’s expedition ships. Adventures to distant planets – awesome. Archeological digs for ancient old Earth artifacts – interesting. Keeping the archeologists safe – no problem. The fact she’s tall, strong and good in a fight means most of the men she works with are intimidated by her, but she refuses to apologize for being good at her job. But on a mission to the barbarian world of Markaria, she finds herself paired with a brawny warrior who challenges her in every way.

Markarian warrior Colm Mal Kor is second-in-command to his warlord and spends his days training to hone his skills and control. He’s dedicated to defending his clan…and to hiding the deadly secret he can never share with anyone. But when he’s thrust into working with a beautiful, challenging skyflyer, Colm finds a wild attraction he never expected and the biggest risk to his hard-earned control that he’s ever encountered.

On an expedition to Markaria’s icy moons, Honor and Colm work side by side, but the ice and snow aren’t enough to stop them from wanting each other. As their mission takes a deadly turn, they must trust each other to survive, but it isn’t just wild beasts and ferocious enemies that are a danger… Colm is harboring something inside him that is far more lethal…something that might destroy them all.

Published by Anna Hackett on April 25, 2016

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