REVIEW: Unfathomed by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Unfathomed

3 Stars Rating


Book Details

Unfathomed by Anna Hackett
Treasure Hunter Security #4
Published: January 22, 2017 by Anna Hackett
Genre: Suspense Romance

Long, tall, and deadly Morgan Kincaid enjoys her job at Treasure Hunter Security. Raised by a tough Marine father, she loves her guns and knives, and never backs down from a fight. She’s yet to find a man who can keep up with her and after a string of first dates, she’s not feeling hopeful. Assigned to an underwater archaeological expedition on the trail of a long-lost shipwreck, Morgan finds herself protecting the very hard, delicious body of a certain globe-trotting archaeologist. A smart rogue with a wide smile and a boat-load of charm.

Dr. Zachariah James has information leading to a shipwreck filled with history and treasure. After growing up with nothing, he’s forged a stellar career for himself, but history is more than just a job, it’s his lifeblood. So Zach is amazed to find himself as excited by a woman as he is by his dive. Dangerous Morgan fascinates him, and he’s eager to see what she’s hiding under her tough exterior.

As they dive the azure waters off the coast of Madagascar, they uncover a sizzling attraction and clues to an impossible artifact, but soon they are under attack by dangerous black-market thieves. Among traitors, kidnappings, and ancient temples, Zach and Morgan will need to put everything on the line to have any chance at surviving.

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My Review

I’ve always loved treasure hunter books so this series by Anna Hackett has been really enjoyable for me. This particular book has the added bonus of being underwater treasure hunting and shipwrecks which is one of my personal favorites even though I’m not really into diving myself.

I loved Zack and his fun, charming, and easy going personality. He respected Morgan’s strength from the very beginning and never doubted what she could do or put her down for that strength which was wonderful to read. I’ve been curious about Morgan from the beginning, as she’s this really tough woman who passed the SEAL training and has this wicked scar on her face. So it was nice to have her story and get to see a little bit about her past and who she was under the surface.

I like the mythology of the shipwreck and we got a little deeper into the mystery of Silk Road as Darcy worked more with her “favorite” FBI agent. I would have enjoyed a little more uniqueness from the other Treasure Hunter Security books as I felt like they are starting to fall into a formula. Treasure Hunter Security gets hired by someone looking for some mysterious artifact, they go out into the field, the two characters fall in love, they have a run-in with silk Road. Then they find whatever they’re looking for and there’s some type of mysterious creature, possibly magical, that’s protecting it and helps save them from Silk Road but leaves the Treasure Hunter Security people alone. I know a lot of romance books can get a little formulaic but normally it doesn’t bother me. It might just be that I read these somewhat close together or maybe because they’re so short and there wasn’t as much time to add in more differences but they’re just starting to feel a little bit the same.

3 stars – it was good
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