REVIEW: Taken by the Vampire King by Laura Kaye

Taken by the Vampire King by Laura KayeRating 2 Stars

Kaira is an orphan and is suffering from leukemia and all she wants is to live long enough to be successful as a photographer. She knows nothing about vampires so she’s shocked when she’s attacked by Soul Eaters. Henrik is losing his life and his humanity and each day it’s harder and harder to contain the beast inside him. He doesn’t want to hurt Kaira but the survival of the vampire warriors and through them, the humans, depends on him recovering and continuing to fight.

I appreciate that each book in this series has been a bit different in how the couples meet. I was worried at the beginning that each one would be a Proffering scenario but that’s not the case. I liked that Kaira had no knowledge of vampires so it was a completely new world to her. Again, the world Laura Kaye has created is very intricate and it’s an impressive amount of developed history and culture considering the shorter length of the book. I loved Kaira’s spunk and her fire as well as her compassion for others. In fact, she might be too understanding!

So the big thing that didn’t work for me was the initial confrontation between Kaira and Henrik. Kaira is out walking when she’s attacked by two Soul Eaters and then rescued by Henrik and his brother, Jakob. However something happens and it just doesn’t work for me (see bottom of page for spoiler). There’s a lot happening to Kaira against her will and she’s rolling with it way too easily and falling in love with Henrik. It just all felt a little too icky and forced for me.

Content Note: dubious consent

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Vampire Warrior Kings #3    Romance, Paranormal    Harlequin Nocturne Cravings    August 1, 2013

Henrik Magnusson is supposed to be immortal, but a mysterious ailment leaves the vampire king near death, and not even the blood of the Proffered, human virgins trained to serve the elite, can sustain him. Then he rescues a beautiful young woman from his enemies, and is filled with blood lust and desire he hasn’t felt for centuries.

Photographer Kaira Sorenson’s life takes a nightmare turn when she’s attacked by blood-thirsty creatures—and saved by a vampire. She should be afraid of Henrik, but she can’t deny her intense attraction to this regal, enigmatic being—nor the fact that her blood may be his only salvation. Now she must decide if she’s willing to be his forever…

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Highlight below to see spoiler

Henrik bites Kaira, right after she’s been attacked and bitten by Soul Eaters. So he literally attacks her and drinks from her against her will right after another vampire has done the same. Then they take her back to their place because she’s seen too much. Then they find out that her blood is making Henrik stronger and when news reaches them that another vampire warrior king has been killed, leaving them with just 6 and then 5 if Henrik dies, he tells Kaira that she can’t leave and that he’ll be drinking from her whether she likes it or not. However, he won’t sleep with her unless she wants; his only saving grace in the situation. I will say that they have kissed and he’s drank from her another time in a more consensual manner so there’s already feelings developing between them.

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