REVIEW: Unexplored by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Unexplored

3 Stars Rating


Book Details

Unexplored by Anna Hackett
Treasure Hunter Security #3
Published: August 29, 2016 by Anna Hackett
Genre: Suspense Romance

Former Navy SEAL Logan O’Connor is big, rough, and a little wild. He thrived as a SEAL…until he trusted the wrong woman. After a horrible betrayal that almost left him dead, he now works for his best friend at Treasure Hunter Security. He doesn’t like the sand, the jungle, or the mosquitoes, but he gets the job done—protecting archaeological digs and expeditions. What he likes even less are liars. As he finds himself heading to Peru with a cool, classy CEO in search of her kidnapped brother, Logan knows one thing: Sydney Granger isn’t telling him the entire truth.

After the death of her father, Sydney is trying to learn the ropes as CEO of Granger Industries while her brother runs off to research a pre-Incan culture. But one ransom demand leaves her terrified¬—a lethal black-market antiquities syndicate has kidnapped her brother. The only people she can turn to is Treasure Hunter Security, and that includes big, annoying Logan, who makes it clear he doesn’t like her.

As they are swept into a deadly adventure into the cloud forests of the Andes, tracing the steps of the mysterious Warriors of the Clouds, danger dogs their every step. Logan and Sydney are drawn closer together, secrets are uncovered, shots are fired, and both of them might just find something more valuable than treasure in the depths of the forests.

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My Review

I liked that this one was different in the sense that they weren’t working with archaeologists and that our main character, Sydney, wasn’t on an exploration. Instead, her brother is the history nerd who’s gotten in over his head with the Silk Road.

I really liked Sydney because I could relate to her in a lot of ways. Her manner of keeping her emotions in check and not making connections easy is relatable to me so I felt really connected with Sydney. Logan has been in the previous books and often described as wild and this one didn’t let me down; in fact, Sydney calls him Wild Man throughout. I also enjoyed their opposites attract relationship with the classy, reserved Sydney and the wild, gruff Logan.

I would have loved another scene with Darcy and her “annoying” Special Agent but this one focused more on setting up Morgan for the next book.

3 stars – it was good
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Treasure Hunter Security series

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