REVIEW: Declaration of Courtship by Nalini Singh


5 Stars Rating

My Review

Declaration of Courtship by Nalini Singh
Psy-Changeling #9.5
Paranormal Romance

I really enjoyed this one because it was so interesting to see the inner dynamics of the human/changeling balance. The human side of Grace trusts Cooper but the wolf side of her sees a dominant that she has to obey. I liked how sweet Cooper was with Grace and how careful he was in the beginning to make sure Grace was with him the whole way. I also liked that Grace, though a submissive, still has a lot of spine and isn’t afraid to call Cooper out when needed.

I do wish there was more build up to Grace’s wolf’s trust in Cooper. Granted it’s a novella so there’s only so many pages, but there was a great tension going between them and it’s suddenly figured out.

5 out of 5 stars

Tag: Shifter

Book Details

A dominant changeling wolf, SnowDancer lieutenant Cooper is not known for his patience. But when it comes to courting the shy, sexy woman he wants in his life and in his bed, he’ll have to use every ounce of control in his body to keep both man and wolf in check…at least until he convinces Grace he only bites a little.

One of the most submissive wolves in the SnowDancer pack, Grace knows nothing can come of her sensual fascination with big, bad, beautiful Cooper. He might possess her over and over in erotic dreams that leave her aching for the rough heat of his touch, but she knows that in reality, he is far too dangerous for her to handle. Then Cooper decides to change all the rules.

Published by Berkley on November 5, 2013

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