REVIEW: Undiscovered by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Undiscovered

4 Stars Rating

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Undiscovered by Anna Hackett
Treasure Hunter Security #1
Suspense Romance

I have been interested in ancient Egyptian mythology my whole life and ever since seeing the movie, The Mummy, I’ve been in love with treasure hunters, archaeologists, and great action-romance. This book checked all the boxes for me and I’m excited to read more in the series.

I loved Declan and the fact that his security firm is focused on working with treasure hunters, dig sites, and ancient artifacts. Declan was strong, dependable, and respectful of Layne’s work and her love of history. Though he teases her about her zeal for preserving things in museums, it’s obvious that it’s not meant to be hurtful. Layne gets portrayed as being another Indiana Jones and though she jokes it off, it’s kind of true and I love that. She’s this take charge archaeologist who wants to honor her late parents in every way she can.

I especially enjoyed the legend of Zerzura and the adventure they go on as they attempt to find it. I wasn’t expecting some of the elements in the end but it kept it interesting for sure! I wondered about the connection of Zerzura in this book to the Zerzura in Anna Hackett’s other book Among Galactic Ruins. I assume they’re referencing the same place and I would love to know more about that connection.

4 out of 5 stars

Tags: Bodyguard | Opposites Attract | Scientist | Security | Treasure Hunt

Book Details

Finding undiscovered treasures is always daring, dangerous, and deadly. Perfect for the men of Treasure Hunter Security. Former Navy SEAL Declan Ward is haunted by the demons of his past and throws everything he has into his security business–Treasure Hunter Security. Dangerous archaeological digs – no problem. Daring expeditions – sure thing. Museum security for invaluable exhibits – easy. But on a simple dig in the Egyptian desert, he collides with a stubborn, smart archaeologist, Dr. Layne Rush, and together they get swept into a deadly treasure hunt for a mythical lost oasis. When an evil from his past reappears, Declan vows to do anything to protect Layne.

Dr. Layne Rush is dedicated to building a successful career–a promise to the parents she lost far too young. But when her dig is plagued by strange accidents, targeted by a lethal black market antiquities ring, and artifacts are stolen, she is forced to turn to Treasure Hunter Security, and to the tough, sexy, and too-used-to-giving-orders Declan. Soon her organized dig morphs into a wild treasure hunt across the desert dunes. Danger is hunting them every step of the way, and Layne and Declan must find a way to work together…to not only find the treasure but to survive.

Published by Anna Hackett on May 22, 2016

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