REVIEW: Devlin by Anna Hackett


Rating 4 Stars

Devlin has experienced a lot of loss and betrayal in his life and he’s used to being and working alone. He lost his family at a young age, which made him an ideal candidate for MI6 where he continued keeping distance between himself and others. Then when he finally trusted someone else, she stabs him in the back — literally! Taylor is all about accepting her feelings and protecting others the way her mother protected her. But her childhood kidnapping as left scars.

I love stories where the character(s) have been captured or are stuck behind enemy lines. There’s an immediate level of trust that is required for them to work together and escape and this was the case with Devlin and Taylor. There was a ton of action in this one and the development of a new alien weapon with hints of others to come. I’m starting to wonder how the humans will ever defeat the Gizzida because they seem to have some amazing new alien creatures and weapons that are going to be really hard to beat! But I can’t wait to keep reading and find out.

Though they haven’t worked much together in the past, Devlin and Taylor both noticed the other. I loved both Devlin and Taylor as individual characters and as a couple. Anna Hackett seems really good at creating likable characters that I want to keep reading about. I would have liked a little more on Devlin’s background since he’s been this mysterious character in the prior books. Much like Gabe, we’re given little bits and pieces but not as much as I would like to really understand the characters’ dark past.

I also really enjoyed everything we got to see with Marcus and Elle because they were our foundation couple and they just might be my favorite — even after all this time. I’m super excited for Theron’s book; I love the strong and silent types and I’ve been anxiously awaiting his story from his first appearance.

Content Note: references to past abuse

••• Book Details •••

Hell Squad #11    Romance, Science Fiction    December 18, 2016

A covert mission gone horribly wrong. Cool, composed spy, Devlin Gray is used to bad situations, but locked in the bowels of an alien facility with tough, sexy soldier Taylor and told to mate is bad. Very bad. During his career, he’s had to lie and kill, he’s been betrayed, and he knows he works best on his own. Now he is forced to depend on Taylor, and together they have to find a way to escape before it’s too late…

Taylor Cates has already been to hell once before. She lives to fight for others, just like her mother once fought for her, and Taylor vows to do whatever it takes to escape the aliens. As she works with the sexy, suave Devlin, she starts to see glimpses of the man beneath the cool exterior. An exterior she soon finds she wants to melt.

In the worst of circumstances, a passion is born. But on the run for their lives, Devlin and Taylor soon discover far worse things in the alien facility: human prisoners and a weapon that could be the very downfall of the human race. A weapon that will threaten their friends, their home, and everything they hold dear.

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