REVIEW: Finn by Anna Hackett


Rating 4 Stars

Hawk pilot Finn Erickson and drone pilot Lia Murphy have been battling it out for a while, but when a bet leads to a one night stand they both realize there might be something real between them. Except being together means taking a chance on losing someone and both Finn and Lia haven’t depended on someone else in a long time.

Once again, I am loving this alien invasion series and how it just keeps developing. This one is focused on getting communication with other survivors in hopes of finding a global plan to stop the Gizzida.

Finn and Lia are required to work together and this ratchets up their attraction and makes them realize that pushing people away doesn’t relieve the pain. In typical pilot fashion, Finn is a very confident and cocky but he’s thankfully not annoying. Lia herself is very confident in her skills and I loved watching these two butt heads.

Now that the Blue Mountain Base survivors have been at the Enclave for about two months, I was hoping to meet some new characters. Granted, I still want the stories for all our current characters but I also wanted some new characters to be introduced.


••• Book Details •••

Hell Squad #10    Romance, Science Fiction    August 7, 2016

For Hawk pilot Finn Erickson, flying is in the blood. Since the aliens decimated the planet, he spends most of his time flying Hell Squad into combat. With communication to other survivor bases cut off, he has no idea if his family is still alive and feels their loss keenly. But helping to fight back sustains him, and his quadcopter is the only woman he needs. She doesn’t argue with him…unlike a certain redhead who is one hell of a kisser.

Lia Murphy lost her mother and sister in the invasion. She vows never to get emotionally involved with anyone again, and as head of the drone team, she’s always busy with work. But one cocky, arrogant pilot pushes all her buttons. When Finn issues a challenge–a fly-off in the flight simulator–she can’t resist. But she’s not sure if she can accept what he demands as his prize if he wins…her. In his bed for one night.

But as Finn and Lia’s fiery attraction heats up, so does the battle with the aliens. The pair must work together to reestablish communications with other humans and discover what the aliens are hiding in a mysterious area to the north. In the process, they will face the most dangerous alien creature yet, and be tested to their very limits.

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