REVIEW: Holmes by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Holmes

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

Holmes by Anna Hackett
Hell Squad #8
Published: March 5, 2016 by Anna Hackett
Genre: Science Fiction Romance

General Adam Holmes’ life is dedicated to keeping his small band of survivors alive. On the run, with only Hell Squad and the other soldiers for protection, they are making their last dangerous drive to the secret stronghold of the Enclave. But there are a lot of aliens between them and their destination, and the survivors are tired, worn, and at the end of their limits. Adam feels the pressure dragging him down, but as their leader, he can’t be their friend and he can’t dump his burden on anyone else.

Long before the alien invasion, Liberty Lawler survived her own personal hell. Since then, she’s vowed to enjoy everything life has to offer and she’s managed to do that, even in the middle of an apocalypse. She does what she can to help the survivors in her convoy, but one man holds himself apart, working tirelessly for them all. Liberty can see Adam is at his breaking point and she vows to tear through his rigid control and save him from himself.

But the aliens are throwing everything they have at the humans, trying to stop them from reaching the Enclave. Adam will find his resolve tested and the pressure higher than ever. But it will be one beautiful woman—one who won’t take no for an answer and who worms under his skin—who can save them all and give him the strength to go on.

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My Review

Holmes was filled with so much action as the humans try to outrun the invading Gizzida aliens. I can also count on Anna Hackett for a wonderful mix of action and romance this time we also get the delight of finally getting our reserved leader’s story. Holmes has been this solid, strong figure throughout the series and we finally get to see the inner workings of Adam Holmes. He might be the most selfless hero ever written and he struggles deeply with the guilt and grief over every person he’s lost on their journey to the Enclave. There’s a great mix of alpha and beta in Holmes — he’s calm and sweet in private but can still kick some alien butt when it comes to his people.

“I need you, Liberty. You’re my light. Your smile, your voice, just watching you sleep. You give me more than a reason to keep fighting, you give me a reason to keep breathing.”

Liberty is a great match for Holmes because she helps him let go, lean on someone else, and remember that life only has meaning if you’re actually living it. After an abusive marriage Liberty promised herself she’d do what she wanted and live life to the fullest and she’s accomplished that even during an alien invasion. Liberty often acts as the social glue that keeps the Blue Mountain Base survivors together and happy. She listens to people, finds small, meaningful ways to help them and makes a difference for those who feel like they’ve lost all power.

I also loved the little peek at Niko and can’t wait to see where things go now that everyone is at the Enclave.

**Reader Safety: Heroine was abused in the past (referenced, off page)

4 stars – it was enjoyable

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