REVIEW: Love Me Tenor by Annabeth Albert


Rating 4 Stars

I’ve really been enjoying Annabeth Albert’s work! I loved the premise of the reality singing competition that was based on social media presence instead of narrowing down teams. I also loved(!!) the fake couple trope, as it’s pretty much my favorite type of romance trope.

I liked Trevor and enjoyed watching him gain confidence in his singing and begin to accept help and love and realize that he deserves the best in life. I wasn’t expecting the diabetes angle but I think Albert did a great job of demonstrating how it affects someone’s life, especially when it’s a new diagnoses and they’re not familiar with how to manage it.

In the beginning I wasn’t so sure about Jalen and I was worried I wouldn’t like him. He’s very abrasive with Trevor and he’s also super judgmental about everyone around him. Which is interesting because he hates being judged or having assumptions made about him but he does the exact same thing to others. But after the initial chapters he gets a lot better and I really loved his character. I especially liked how sweet he was with Trevor and how much he wanted to take care of him. He was always there for him, helping him in little ways that really make a difference for someone. I would have liked Jalen to show some verbal acceptance of Trevor’s height; in the beginning he calls Trevor “shorty” and gives him a hard time over his height, which Trevor is a bit self-conscious about. Because of this, I would have enjoyed a scene where Jalen bolsters Trevor over this issue.

I wish that Carter and Carson were less like caricatures and that the team had gotten along a little bit sooner. They didn’t pick their group so I can’t completely blame them but they did get a bit annoying.

Content Note: Diabetes

••• Book Details •••

Perfect Harmony #2    Romance, LGBTQ+, Contemporary    Lyrical Press    February 16, 2016

Trevor Daniels is feeling aimless. A recent college grad, he’s not sure what to do with his useless degree, and his family all but abandoned him after he revealed the truth about himself. But a friend’s suggestion that he take his chances on a reality show aimed at finding the next big boy band strikes a chord with him—until the show’s producers convince him to act like he’s in a relationship with a guy who’s not at all his type. It isn’t exactly love at first sight for Jalen Smith either—but lust just might push them in an unexpected direction. If only their secrets weren’t even more twisted than their sheets, threatening to cost them the win—and each other.

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