REVIEW: Noah by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Noah

3 Stars Rating


Book Details

Noah by Anna Hackett
Hell Squad #6
Published: October 19, 2015 by Anna Hackett
Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Tech genius Noah Kim works day and night to keep the survivors at Blue Mountain Base with lights, power and hot water. He’s also working on a top secret project to help keep them safe. He’s tired, stressed and under pressure—and one woman adds to it all. An annoying, infuriating redhead he calls Captain Dragon.

Captain Laura Bladon lost everything she cared for in the alien invasion: her loving family, her Navy SEAL fiancé and her military career. Since then, she’s been numb, her feelings encased in ice, and she’s dedicated herself to her job as chief interrogator and running the base’s prison. But one person can get under her skin in an instant—arrogant, brilliant Noah. He’s the one thing that makes her feel—and that makes her very afraid.

But as Laura helps Noah on his project, the two are drawn irresistibly together. As they head into the desert with Hell Squad on a mission to a hidden alien outpost, sparks fly and a passionate desire is uncovered. Both are holding onto past hurts, scared to take the risk of loving again…but when the unthinkable happens, it changes everything…and Laura and Noah must find the power to save themselves, their friends and their love.

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My Review

We’ve heard of the infamous fights between Noah and his Captain Dragon so it was fun to get their story. We haven’t seen much of Laura in the earlier books but now we learn that she lost her fiancé in the invasion and she feels like she’s been numb ever since. Laura thought she had a type — strong military men — so she’s shocked when her frustration with Noah turns to attraction. She’s not ready to take a chance and put her heart out there again. But Noah is arrogantly determined and she finds herself starting to let down her guard.

Noah can be pretty brusque when he’s in a mood and he’s certainly not lacking any confidence in his own intelligence and skill. But his ex-wife put him through the ringer and he’s kept things casual ever since. When Noah realizes he’s attracted to Laura be becomes surprisingly sweet and it was a new side to Noah that we haven’t seen. I like that both Noah and Laura understand each other’s work and commitments and they support the other throughout. Noah finds Laura’s strength sexy and Laura admires Noah’s drive and focus when he works on the technology at the base. The biggest reason I didn’t add another star is that I felt like Noah and Laura went from fighting to loving really quickly and it just didn’t feel natural. Love and hate can be a very thin line so I expected some angry sex but I didn’t think they’d become so tender with each other so quickly.

One of the most intense parts of Noah was the last 25% which had me on the edge of my seat and completely engrossed. The confrontation the base has been dreading has finally happened and now everything the humans have worked for is being destroyed. A few other unexpected events have me desperate to read the next books!

3 stars – it was good
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