REVIEW: Roth by Anna Hackett


Rating 3 Stars

Avery begins to remember the days before the alien invasion and must now grapple with guilt over her hand in it. She’s determined to make up for what she sees as a failure and find another way to protect everyone. There was so much new information in his one and I loved getting to see the beginning of the invasion. I won’t say much so I don’t give anything away but Avery really had some doozies trapped in her head. I look forward to how these new developments will continue to grow in future books and how they will affect the overall alien invasion story.

We’ve seen Roth almost from the beginning, as his squad helps out Hell Squad. I really liked his character and enjoyed his story. The only downfall for me was that I just didn’t really connect with Avery. I had nothing against her and she doesn’t do anything to annoy me, she just never worked 100% for me. I did enjoy this book for it’s alien elements but I just wish I had enjoyed the developing relationship more.

The mostly female team was pretty awesome; I particularly liked Carmyn’s feisty attitude and the fact she’s not afraid to say whatever she’s thinking.

Content Note: captivity, abused, PTSD

••• Book Details •••

Hell Squad #5    Romance, Science Fiction    September 21, 2015

Roth Masters is a protector to the bone. Driven by the losses of his past, he fights side-by-side with Hell Squad to protect the human survivors of the alien invasion. As leader of Squad Nine, he and his team are known for their perfect timing in a firefight. But Roth knows they need more intel on the raptor invaders–something to turn the tide of the battle. And he knows the woman he rescued from an alien facility is hiding secrets he desperately wants to uncover.

Former Coalition Central Intelligence Agent Avery Stillman is still adjusting to her new life. Left with terrible gaps in her memory, she has vague recollections of failed negotiations with the aliens, the invasion, and after that…nothing. Until a hard-bodied soldier pulled her from a tank in an alien lab. Now she’s trying desperately to remember, to help fight back, and also battling the crazy attraction to the man who keeps pushing her for things she can’t remember.

Soon Roth finds himself torn between his duty and keeping the strong woman he’s falling for safe. As the pair head into alien territory to investigate, they are attacked and crash land alone, far from base. They have to work together to survive the aliens, but when Avery finally remembers everything…her secrets could annihilate all they hold dear.

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