REVIEW: Reed by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Reed

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

Reed by Anna Hackett
Hell Squad #4
Published: June 20, 2015 by Anna Hackett
Genre: Science Fiction Romance

As part of Hell Squad, former Coalition Navy SEAL Reed MacKinnon fights for humanity’s freedom from the alien invaders. He also fights for his brown-eyed girl—the woman he rescued from the aliens’ secret laboratory. He admires her quiet strength and will to survive, not to mention her elfin looks and curvy body…but he knows he has to keep his distance. She’s nowhere near ready for what he has to offer and he’ll protect her from everything, even his own powerful desires.

Energy scientist Natalya Vasin has lived through hell. Still struggling after her captivity, scarred by the aliens’ experimentation, all she wants is to be normal again…and she wants Reed MacKinnon. But the rugged soldier is holding back, treating her like glass, and she won’t accept that from anybody.

As Reed and Natalya wage a sensual battle of desires, they also work together to decipher a mysterious alien energy cube. Hell Squad need Natalya’s expertise and they need her to go back into alien territory to use it. But on a mission to destroy an alien outpost, secrets are uncovered—of what the raptors really did to Natalya. Secrets that mean the future she wants with Reed is just an impossible dream.

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My Review

Reed had some great developments in the human vs. alien fighting as the humans become more than just an annoyance for the aliens. I’ve been looking forward to a book that included a rescued captive so I was very happy to have Natalya’s story and I thought Reed was a perfect match for her. He’s protective and supportive and has a calming, peaceful presence that can really ground Natalya. Reed truly appreciates life and he helps Natalya see the good and hopeful side of life after her harrowing experience.

“Knowing you’ll come for me…I could survive anything knowing that.”

I felt so much for Natalya and the experimentation she undergoes while being held by the raptors. She’s dealing with anxiety, fear, and worry over whether she can get back to the woman she was before. When Natalya realizes exactly what the raptors did to her she’s devastated and that scene was so incredibly emotional. All Natalya wants is to have a purpose again and to feel like a woman not just a victim. I loved when Natalya spoke her mind and made her wants and desires clear for Reed. I also adored Reed’s support of Natalya and the fact that he loved and supported her no matter what.

**Reader Safety: Heroine was kidnapped and experimented on (referenced, off page)

4 stars – it was enjoyable

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