REVIEW: Cruz by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Cruz

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

Cruz by Anna Hackett
Hell Squad #2
Published: April 26, 2015 by Anna Hackett
Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Battle-hardened soldier Cruz Ramos is running on empty. As second-in-command of the deadliest commando squad fighting the invading aliens, he doesn’t know why he’s fighting anymore. He’s seen too much destruction, devastation, and far too much death. Still, every day he goes out to protect those humans left, and every day the growing numbness threatens to take over.

Until a mysterious woman emerges from the ruins of destroyed Sydney and saves him from a pack of rampaging aliens.

Santha Kade has one goal: revenge. The raptors who have devastated the Earth have taken everything from her: her team, her home, her beloved sister. Santha–a former police officer–has spent a year alone in the ruined city, waging her own guerrilla war. Sure, she might get lonely sometimes, but she doesn’t have room for anything but vengeance. Not even for a sexy soldier with liquid brown eyes, a bone-melting accent, and a face designed to drive a woman wild.

But as Cruz and Santha join forces to rescue human hostages from the aliens, their explosive attraction is impossible to resist. Can these two warriors survive long enough to find something worth living for?

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My Review

I am loving this post-apocalyptic alien invested world! For me, Cruz was all about learning more about the aliens and what they’re doing. Cruz was a great hero and I was so happy to see him finding himself and his purpose again. After fighting the aliens for a year he’s become jaded and he’s losing hope. But when he meets Santha he finds his passion again and remembers why he’s fighting this battle. I also loved the way he called Santha mi reina (my queen); I just picture his sexy Latin accent saying that and it makes me swoon. It’s obvious how much Cruz respects Santha and her strength.

“From the moment I laid eyes on you, something switched on inside me. Before that, I wasn’t sure what I was fighting for.”

Santha is a tough shell to crack in the beginning because she’s been completely on her own for a year; she’s impulsive and reckless and doesn’t like working with others. But as Santha spends time with Cruz and Hell Squad she realizes how she sometimes needs to lean on others and that revenge can’t be her whole life. There were a few instances where Santha’s impatience drove me crazy but it comes from a good place in her heart so I understand why she did what she did. I also appreciated how badass Santha is and the fact that she’s survived and fought on her own for so long is amazing.

I can’t wait for more from this world and these characters!

**Reader Safety: It’s revealed that the aliens are experimenting and torturing the humans. The team comes across some of these humans being held captive (on page)

4 stars – it was enjoyable

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