REVIEW: Winning Bracket by Annabeth Albert

Annabeth Albert-Winning Bracket

4 Stars Rating

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Winning Bracket by Annabeth Albert
LGBTQ+ Contemporary Romance

Ollie and Edwin have known each other since Freshman year, but as complete opposites they’re always arguing over the RA rules. Edwin has crushed on Ollie for a long time and when he finally gets a kiss from Ollie it turns out Ollie was drunk. Edwin believes the kiss was just a joke to Ollie; after all Ollie obsesses over athletes not math nerds.

“I’m in love with my best friend and I didn’t even know he was my best friend.”

This was a very cute read about two guys who have been circling each other, unsure how to express their feelings. Though it was only a little over 100 pages it was very enjoyable and felt like a full story. This is my 4th book by Annabeth Albert and she does such a great job of making her books feel much longer than they are. I feel like I really got to know the characters, experience their falling in love, and see a good passage of time/events without it feeling rushed.

Though a traditional opposites attract story, both Ollie and Edwin were great to read and I loved that they had been creating this friendship under the surface for years without even realizing it. I also liked the lessons that Ollie give Edwin, they were pretty great. It was in these moments that you could really see how much they cared about each other and how much they understood each other. I’m not a basketball fan but I really enjoyed the March Madness backdrop to the story that allowed for all the hijinks, betting brackets, and eventually the exposure of their feelings.

Though some reviewers have complained about the bonus epilogue at the end, I did not have any problems with it. But I do agree that it’s very sweet and fluffy, so you have been warned. I will say though that it was nice to see them together; when I like a story, I don’t want it to end, so I can’t really complain about getting more.

4 out of 5 stars

Tags: Bet/Dare | College | Friends First | Lessons in Love | Neighbors| Nerdy| Opposites Attract | Virgin

Book Details

Oliver Marshall has been a sexy pain in Edwin Schultz’s side since freshman year. Now seniors and competing dorm resident advisors, the two are in constant strife over noise levels and study hours. However, deep down, Edwin’s been nursing a painful crush on Ollie for years. When Ollie proposes a bet on a basketball tournament, Edwin seizes the chance to put his inconvenient feelings for Ollie behind him once and for all.

Edwin’s not the only one suffering a case of unwanted attraction—Ollie’s been running from his feelings for Edwin for a long time. He doesn’t understand how someone who drives Ollie so crazy with his adherence to rules can be the same guy who makes his pulse pound. In fact, Ollie’s never been so eager to lose a bet in his life.

As the challenge becomes a hot bedroom battle to avoid real emotions, the two “frenemies” must change their definitions of losing to win a shot at lasting love.

Published by Annabeth Albert on January 13, 2015

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