REVIEW: Escape Velocity by Jess Anastasi

Jess Anastasi-Escape Velocity

3 Stars Rating


Book Details

Escape Velocity by Jess Anastasi
Series: Valiant Knox #1
Published: February 2, 2015 by Entangled
Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Rebuilding his life. And rediscovering love… Dr. Sacha Dalton is simply curious about the prisoner of war admitted to her med-lab…until she sees who it is. For Commander Kai Yang—the commander of the battleship Valiant Knox—has long been thought dead. Killed in action. But after almost a year and half, he’s returned home. Returned to her.Kai is recovering from his ordeal and under the watchful care of Sacha, his childhood friend and the widow of his best friend. Only now, their friendship has grown and deepened into something far deeper, and far more complicated. Yet as Kai’s body recovers, his psyche remains broken. How could he ever be the man he was, and the man Sacha deserves? But an intergalactic war has a way of forcing a man to be the hero he was always meant to be.

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My Review

Though not as great as her Atrophy Series, this one was still an interesting start to a new series. I loved what we learned about the world and the war that’s going on. This is mostly a military based science fiction romance with a war between those embracing technology and those abhorring it. A little more information on the war between the UEF and the CSS would have been nice. We’re thrown into the middle of the war and there wasn’t a whole lot of context provided, it almost felt like I missed a prequel or something.

I loved Kai and his inner strength; he’s so determined to return to normal and be with Sacha but he struggles with his return to the Knox. After everything he’s been through I just wanted to hug Kai and make it all better. Sacha’s struggle was very real and genuine. She wants to make sure nothing interferes with Kai’s recovery but she also wants to embrace having Kai back in her life. I wish that Kai’s physical recovery hadn’t been so easy, as crazy as that might sound. This futuristic world has medical technology that heals Kai’s year of torture, malnutrition, and injuries in about 48 hours. I guess having him recover so quickly just seemed to lessen what he went through. It just didn’t work for me. His mental recovery was more on target though with his PTSD and anxiety attacks.

I liked that Sacha and Kai were friends who are just now realizing their attraction. They loved each other as friends but weren’t friends just because they couldn’t be anything else. Most friends-to-lovers stories have the characters already wildly attracted to each other and hiding it but this time they were just friends. Subconsciously their feelings might have been deeper but their friendship was true and honest. But personal opinion, I’m really not crazy about the best friend’s widow story line so I struggled with that. Sacha has a lot of guilt over moving on from her husband’s death; her feelings are completely warranted because she loved Elliott and it hasn’t been that long but she comes to realize that she loved Kai first, she just didn’t know it. Losing Kai also made her numb and by the time Elliott was killed she couldn’t really feel anything else. I thought compared to most I’ve read that Anastasi handled the situation really well, it’s just not my thing.

**Reader Safety: Hero was a prisoner or war and was tortured (referenced, brief opening scene); Hero with PTSD

3 stars – it was good

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