REVIEW: Allegiance Sworn by Kylie Griffin


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Rating 5 Stars

Light Blade warrior Arek thought his capture by the Na’Reish would mean his death. But instead he finds himself brought into the Kaal Clan — a Clan that believes in the Old Ways of peace between Na’Reish, Na’Chi, and human. Though years of hatred are hard to overcome, Arek can’t deny what he sees with his own eyes. Clan leader, Imhara needs Arek’s help if her plan to take down Na’Rei Savyr is to succeed, but trust doesn’t come easy. As they travel into the Na’Rei‘s territory and work together they realize they have much to learn about each other. But will a truce with the humans be possible?

This is such a complex world Griffin has created and when I started it I thought it would be a simple human vs. Na’Reish plot line. But it’s so much more than that and I commend Griffin for the varying personalities and “species” she offers. I can’t fully express how much I love this series and everything it offers.

Arek was a great hero and I’m glad to finally have his story. Finding out his grandfather raised him on hatred and lies has been hard for Arek but I like that he knows he has to change and he’s really trying. Arek has so much conflict inside and Kylie Griffin does a great job of balancing his character. He doesn’t trust immediately but he also uses his head and doesn’t hate blindly.

Imhara was a perfect match for Arek and I was so happy to see such a unique pairing. I love the addition of the Kaal Clan because they practice the Old Ways. She lives a tight rope of a life as she protects her people but also puts up the image of a ruthless Kaal. She’s pretty badass but the more time she spends with Arek the more she lets down her guard. Imhara is tough but she knows how to be vulnerable. Physically, Imhara is more powerful than Arek but there’s never any resentment on Arek’s part. He has no problem with a strong woman.

Just out of personal interest, I would have loved to see more of Kaal Clan and how they brought in new humans. We see Imhara get slaves from the traders at Whitewater Crossing when she gets Arek as well as at the Enclave when she purchases some children and then some slaves from the Isha auction. Knowing Arek’s feelings and situation I was interested in how other humans adapted as well. We see some of Kaal Clan and how they interact and run things but I find them so fascinating that I want more!

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Light Blade #3    Romance, Fantasy    Berkley   April 2, 2013

With the alliance of the humans and the half-blood Na’Chi forged, the demon Na’Reish prepare for war by seizing human blood-slaves. Captured during a rescue mission-gone-wrong, Light Blade warrior Arek Barial finds himself claimed by a Na’Reishi female who offers him an unexpected choice.

Raised in the elite ranks of a society she abhors, Imhara Kaal lives a dangerous double life as a Na’Reish Clan-leader and an advocate for a caste-free life that honors the Old Ways. Openly rebelling against the Na’Reish would mean her death, unless she can find an emissary willing to present her petition to the human Blade council.

But Arek isn’t about to blindly follow a demon, despite the intense attraction growing between them. And while hatred for the Na’Reish is all he has ever known, Arek must learn to trust Imhara, or risk the destruction of all three races.

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