REVIEW: Primal Instinct by Tara Wyatt

Tara Wyatt-Primal Instinct

4 Stars Rating


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Primal Instinct by Tara Wyatt
Bodyguard #2
Suspense Romance

Taylor was recently dumped by another bodyguard when their casual relationship turned serious — at least for her. She’s not sure she wants to trust again and her wild ways of coping are making her music label unhappy. Colt struggles with his past and his time in the military. He was fired from his last security company for being a wild card and but he wants to do better and he wants his old job back.

I was happily surprised with how much I enjoyed this one and how much I liked both Taylor and Colt. Taylor was a wild girl but she knows when to pull it back. She may like to drink and party but she’s not the stereotypical always wasted, drugged up rock star that often gets portrayed.

I loved how Taylor and Colt were together. They could both be themselves and know they wouldn’t be judged. Colt was very sweet with Taylor and it was nice to see such a tough hero also have a gentle side. I liked that initially Colt is hired to just keep Taylor in line so she can work on her music; there’s no knowledge of a stalker. This allowed them both to just be normal people getting to know each other and made it so that Wyatt could incorporate the pranks without it seeming unprofessional. Had Colt been originally hired to protect Taylor from a stalker than their games and flirting wouldn’t have worked.

I appreciated that they involved the police at all the appropriate times and that it meant something when Colt killed someone who comes after them. Too often suspense romance just glosses over a character killing enemies left and right or the hero has to go it alone even though that’s more risky or unsafe.

The stalker was exceptionally creepy and Wyatt did an amazing job of giving me the creeps whenever he was on the page. I personally found the stalker referring to Colt as “the brute” to be annoying. It was more that it just sounded weird and it would jar me out of the moment.

I also wasn’t crazy about Sean being so bent about the reason why he fires Colt from Virtus. It seemed like an honest mistake and that Sean was just holding a grudge. I can understand him firing Colt but to think so poorly of him afterward was just un-Sean-like.

4 stars – it was enjoyable
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Reader Safety

Attempted rape scene (on page)

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Book Details

The first time he lays eyes on Taylor Ross in a bar, Colt Priestley does something few men would dare to do. He approaches the world-famous singer, shamelessly flirts with her, and gives her a night in his bed that neither of them will soon forget.

When Taylor’s record label hires a bodyguard to keep tabs on the out-of-control rocker, she’s less than thrilled to find it’s her off-the-charts one-night stand who shows up for the job. She’s terrified of letting herself fall for the damaged ex-Army Ranger, and she’s determined to push him away. Yet every moment they’re together simmers with tension. As the danger from an obsessed stalker mounts, Taylor and Colt are tempted to cross that line again-baring their hearts and souls as well as their bodies-and there’s no telling how hot this song will get.

Published by Forever Romance on May 31, 2016

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